How do I use passages on

Instruction: You can use the passages and questions for direct instruction at any time of the year. Fiction and nonfiction genres are covered and questions are provided that include a range of grade-appropriate reading and vocabulary skills. Passages can be used as part of guided reading, or assigned as independent reading to supplement other reading materials. The answers to all questions are provided, and for the extended construction item, a list of possible responses is provided.

Practice: The passages and questions can be used to practice skills and supplement classroom or home-school instruction.

Reteaching: Students who need additional reading and skills support will benefit from reading these passages and questions. Instructors can focus on specific genres or skills as needed.

Differentiated Instruction: Instructors can use these passages and questions as part of whole class or small group instruction.

  • Support: Instructors can read the text to students and model the answers to text-dependent questions. Skill instruction can focus on how to answer questions and where students can find information in the text.
  • Extend: Students can lead a discussion on the text or create a project or visual related to the passage. Students can also research information related to the topic or theme of the passage.
  • English Language Learners: Additional support can be provided to non-English speaking learners. Picture support or related videos can be used with the passages.
  • Assessment: The passages and questions can be used as an assessment. Students can read the passages on their own and then write the answers to the questions. Questions can be graded.

Fluency: Students can read the passages aloud to develop their fluency. Start with passages from one grade below to develop fluency rates and accuracy. For students reading above grade level, choose passages from one grade above.

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